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Book Reviews
February 21, 2014
Book Review for "Christian Zionism Examined"
July 29, 2008
Alex Awad. Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People. Bethlehem: Bethlehem Bible College, 2008.
July 8, 2008
Khoury, Geries. arab masihioun (Arab Christians). Bethlehem : Al-Liqa Center , 2006. (written in Arabic)
January 1, 2008
Mualem, Botrus. Min Wahi Asaah. 2nd ed. Nazareth: Mualem, 2008.
September 4, 2007
Hanna Said Kildani. Al Massihitu Al Muasra fi Al Urdn wa Falastine (Modern Christianity in Jordan and Palestine). Amman: Kildani, 1993 (466 pages)
May 23, 2006
Brother Andrew and Al Janssen. Light Force: A Stirring Accound of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2004.
February 13, 2006
Chacour, Elias and David Hazard. Blood Brothers: The Unforgettable Story of a Palestinian Christian Working For Peace in Israel. Foreword by James A Baker, former US Secretary of State. Grand Rapids: Chosen Books, 2003.
January 9, 2006
Farsoun, Samih. Cuture and Customs of the Palestinians by Farsoun. Westport: Farsoun, 2004.
November 24, 2004
Atallah Mansour. Narrow Gate Churches: The Christian Presense in the Holy Land under Muslim and Jewish Rule. Pasadena: Hope Publishing House, 2004.
November 23, 2004
Yousef Odeh. The Second Coming of Christ. Kfar Yassif: Odeh, 2004.
October 1, 2003
Whose Land? Whose Promise?
January 1, 1990
Khoury, Geries. Intifadat asama wa Intifadat al Ard (The Intifada of Heaven and Earth). 2nd Edition. Nazareth: Al-Hakim, 1990 (Arabic).
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