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April 2013
March 30, 2013

Dear Friends and Family:

Christ has risen from the dead! As followers of the Jesus of Nazareth, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is our history, our future, and also our hope today. We want to thank you for praying for us and for being our spiritual family. During the past year God has blessed us in many wonderful ways: (1) God has given Bethlehem Bible College a new president, Jack Sara. I led Jack Sara to the Lord many years ago and I also held his matrimony with Madleine. Now he is my president. What a joy! (2) My ministry at Bethlehem Bible College and Galilee Bible College is growing and in addition to teaching, administration, writing, I am involved in empowering wonderful leaders like Grace, Munther, Gabi, and Alaa. They are the leaders of the future. Grace, Gabi and Alaa were my students and now they are my colleagues; Munther is finishing up his PhD at Oxford center for mission studies. Praise God. (3) God has also blessed me through speaking at several conferences in Israel/Palestine, Kenya, England, USA, and write several articles which are forthcoming. (4) My book the King of Peace and His Young Followers is touching the hearts of many children and families. The first edition is out of print and I am praying that the Lord will provide more partners who would be willing to subsidize the second edition. Several schools are using my book as a textbook. Praise God.

My better half is even more active! Dina continues to be a superwoman leading the Arab Israeli Bible Society and empowering women and families to follow the risen Lord. She has finished her MA thesis with Bethlehem Bible College and I was honored to be her teacher (only at the school and not at home:-). Dina has also co-authored a book on premarital counseling. She is now using the book to empower church leaders to build better Christian families in Israel. She designed several meetings and a conference with church leaders (Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants) convincing them to use her premarital manual which is now the only premarital workbook in the country. Dina, moreover, has been involved in empowering women through giving them an opportunity to write. She has overseen the production of two magazines in the last year.

If you are wondering about our children, they are still with us and we are taking good care of them. Immanuel, Jonathan, and Christopher continue to grow and understand the meaning of following Jesus. They are part of our team and contribute to the different activities through prayer and encouragement. They continue to surprise us through their spiritual insights and willingness to follow Jesus.

We want to thank all of you for partnering with us and especially for praying for us. God has been so good to us. All of our days has been an Easter Sunday for we have experienced the resurrected Lord in each day of our lives. Even our Fridays are no longer the same for we perceive them only through the eyes of Easter Sunday. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

You can know more about our activities through face-book or through our websites;;;

The Katanacho Tribe (Yohanna, Dina, Immanuel, Jonathan, and Christopher)

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