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Yohanna's Testimony
January 9, 2009

A. Before accepting Jesus a personal Savior and Lord:

I grew up in a Roman Catholic home where I learned many good things. However, when I became an adolescent I became an active atheist among students. I was influenced by friends and by my desire to have a life uncontrolled by religion. I was involved in ungodly activities such as gambling, using light drugs, and watching R-rated movies. I was lost and heading towards doom.

B. The way I accepted Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord:

In 1986, at 3:00 AM, I woke up hearing the bells of the churches of Jerusalem ringing. When I opened my eyes, I felt a strange air penetrating my body! Then, I was not able to move. My hands, neck, and feet were paralyzed. I was not able to shout. I thought that I was dead. I tried to understand what was going on but I failed to find a logical explanation. After struggling to free myself for almost two hours I cried out to God saying, O Lord, if this is you, free me and I promise you to look for you. After I prayed this short prayer, I was able to move again. I got up, drank some water and went back to bed. Later, I was afraid to say that God does not exist. Also, I was afraid to walk in dark places. I was puzzled and I needed answers. Consequently, I started searching for God.

In 1987, I became interested in studying the Bible. I was disturbed by what I understood from the Bible. I said, how can someone live on earth for fifty or sixty years and then God casts them in Hell for eternity. This is not fair. During this period of time, I was invited to attend a special revival meeting at the Alliance Church in Jerusalem. As a result of attending this special meeting, I decided to follow Jesus. I felt that God was talking to me and was asking me to give Him my heart. I answered saying lord, I dont have a problem to give you my heart but I have a problem with my mind. I knew that I am sinner and that I need to be saved but I am not completely convinced. I decided to take a step of faith. I told the lord that I will give Him my heart but I trust that He will convince my mind.

During the same period of time, I had three dreams. In the first dream, I saw myself walking in a street full of ugly faces on both sides. I was walking after an unknown person holding his garment. I was terrified because of the ugly faces that surrounded me. In the second dream, I was in a transparent box surrounded by ugly faces that were trying to get me but the box protected me. In the third and last dream, I was in the same path of the first dream. The same ugly faces were present. But this time, I was not after the person with the garment. I was in his hands and whenever I open my eyes in the dream, I will see his face. It brought peace and tranquility to my heart. When I woke up, the first thought that struck me was: this is the difference between deeds and grace. If you want to follow me with your efforts, you will loose me. You cant keep holding on to my garment. If you are in Christ (in the box), then I will carry you. This is grace. These dreams were a turning point in my life. I felt that God was so personal. He won my heart and mind. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. He died on the cross in my place. I was convinced by His grace.

C. After Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord:

God changed my life dramatically. I stopped many of my bad habits. I stopped smoking, gambling, and other things. I lost many of my friends. However, few accepted the Lord. I started reading my Bible daily. I learned a lot about Gods just love. So, I decided to give him all of my life. I started a Bible study at Bethlehem University. Then I became a minister at the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I responded positively to Gods calling to go to Seminary. Now, I am a full time minister. I am a slave of Jesus Christ. Praise is to God forever and ever.

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