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Dina's Testimony
January 8, 2009

I like to share with you some of the major building blocks of my spiritual formation. Although, I did not experience a dramatic conversion, I believe that God has been dealing with me in a special way through my life. Iíve experienced Him as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult.

I was born in a Greek Orthodox Christian family. Later, when I was five years old, I started going to an Evangelical Sunday school. They taught me the word of God and exposed me to His love. I grew in knowledge and faith and God started using me especially in counseling young teenage girls.

I was a teenager myself and I lacked knowledge and wisdom. Thus, I started searching for them. I remember that I read more than 70 Christian books during two months. Indeed, I was a bookworm. I met God on many pages and my encounter with Him led me closer to His heart. Gladly, I submitted my life completely to Him. It was a process of decisions that led me to experience Godís lordship in wonderful ways. Godís Spirit filled me more than once and I experienced His power as I was serving Him.

Later, I became more active in serving God. It started when I was asked to be involved in a short-term mission. I agreed to go to Spain. There, I was involved in witnessing to Muslims from Morocco. Godís hand was upon me and my ministry was fruitful. Those who noticed Godís hand on me asked me to train other students and fellowship with them. This was a turning point in my spiritual formation. I became a spiritual mother. I had to give birth to spiritual children and I had the privilege of making them disciples of Jesus. It was wonderful how God used me. I started a Bible Study. It grew in numbers and in excitement. Praise God.

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